You Really Ought to Meet Deanne DeMarco

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On February 1, you will have a chance to meet a remarkable lady at the Chicago Women’s Conference. Deanne DeMarco is the special woman who created the Chicago Women’s Conference.

Other women have faced some of the situations Deanne has but I don’t know any who have handled all these roles. Deanne has been:
• A stay-at-home “good doctor’s wife”
• A mom of a child with profound special needs
• An unemployed divorcee sleeping in a pup tent and living on food stamps
• A six-figure corner office executive
• An internationally-recognized speaker and trainer.
Deanne’s experiences have set the tone for our outstanding conference day because she knows the power that one can have on another. During her challenging years she was sustained by the support of two special women. The first was her grandmother, Grace Rabito, who had taught Deanne by example and encouragement to always “keep your head up, smile, face adversity head on and conquer it!” The other was Pat Yowell. Pat was a woman who Deanne met at church in California. When Pat learned that Deanne was living in a pup tent on the beach, she found house-sitting jobs for Deanne to give here more comfort, and later invited Deanne to live in a spare bedroom in her home until Deanne found work and could afford her own place.
The Chicago Women’s Conference is Deanne’s gift to other women to pass on inspiration and support woman-to-woman. If you would like to learn how Deanne went from food stamps to $100,000 job, join us at Willis Tower and she starts the day off with “The Journey Begins.”
Joining Deanne on the conference platform are these inspiring women:
• Sherrin Ross Ingram
• Dianne Morr (Oh that’s me – blush)
• Marcie Stern
Read about these women, learn more about the conference and register at Don’t miss a moment of the fun. Besides the learning, inspiration, motivation and networking, you’ll enjoy networking, door prizes and a yummy lunch!

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