You Need a Friend

Posted by dianne on Mar 8, 2012 in Blog | | No comment

Is it hard for you to keep going on your writing? Do you get discouraged and doubt yourself? A writing buddy or writers group could be a big help to you. Writing is a solitary activity and we sometimes feel lonely wrestling with our thoughts and trying to get them on paper (or into a Word file).

If you have a friend or acquaintance  who is writing, just call the writer and ask him or her to meet you over coffee to talk about your writing.

If you are not aware that anyone you know is writing try these tips for finding a buddy or group:

  • Post a note on Facebook or LinkedIn inviting writers to contact you.
  • Inquire about a writers group at your local library
  • Inquire at your local bookstore. If you can find an independent bookstore, you may have better luck there.

More on this next week…

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