Yoga Month

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September is Yoga Month. Have you been celebrating?

I’ve been practicing yoga off and on (mostly on but I have to be honest) for more than thirty years. I started with Lilias, Yoga and You on PBS. In those days before specialty yoga attire, Lilias demonstrated how we could create our own. It was done by cutting a three-inch slit in each foot of regular tights, slipping your toes through the slits and folding the tights above the ankle. Since then there have been countless classes, groups, video tapes, and dvds. Yoga always makes me feel better, no matter what.

As you doubtlessly know, yoga is all about stretching and strengthening. Other than your muscles, what would you like to stretch? Your comfort zone? Your imagination? With that kind of stretching, you can envision lovely new experiences and adventures for your life.

If we all stretch our patience and acceptance, we could all probably make some new friends among people we thought were different from us — even if their only difference is what generation they belong to.

Can you think of anything you would like to strengthen? When I read Eat. Pray. Love. earlier this year, I was very impressed with the spiritual practices Liz Gilbert experienced in India. There is plenty of room for me to strengthen that area of my life.

If you find yourself enjoying the stretches and strengths, you have my permission to celebrate yoga month right on into October.

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Singing Resonates

Wow! The August newsletter article on singing resonated (pun intended) with lots readers. Here are a few reader comments.

“I guess our singing at prayers has lots of benefits besides praising God.”

–Mary Agnes Patterson, OSB

“Very true. Not to mention the benefits of dancing. I do whenever a song I like comes on. Once in a blue moon I can even get Bill to dance with me.”

–Ginny Brittain

I loved this one!  I have been wanting to take singing lessons because I am so terrible at it. I cannot carry a tune, but wish I could sing. So I have been inspired to take action on this!!! Thank you!

–Yvonne Shepard

Caregivers Claim Their Happiness

It has been my privilege in the last couple of weeks to give presentations for caregivers who are taking care of elder family members. Jill Morgenthaller described her situation eloquently, “Last week I moved my mother into assisted living and my daughter into a college dorm. Now I get the same calls from both of them: “I don’t like the food.” “I’m not sleeping well.” and “When am I going to make some friends?”

Most caregivers are strong and generous people. I enjoy sharing ideas with them for bringing more happiness into our lives. When you think about it, that’s one of the nicest things you can do for others, the happier you are, the more joy you are able to spread.

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