What Makes You Smile?

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Scientific studies have shown that smiling can actually be the cause of good feelings rather than just the result. In Dr. Robert Zajonc’s study in the psychology department at the University of Michigan, volunteers who spoke sounds that put their features into a smiling pose such as the long e (ee) sound, reported pleasant feelings while repeating sounds that simulate a frowning expression, such as long u (oo) caused unhappy moods.

“I’m not saying that all moods are due to changes in the muscles of the face, only that facial action leads to changes in mood,” Zajonc said.

This is important information for those of us who are committed to living a happier life day by day. Smiles are important, and few repetitions of “eeee, eeee, eeee, could get you started. In fact, repeating that sounds for a few moments might even make you laugh.

What else might get those lips upturned? One way is to look at pictures that you know will make you smile. Pictures of babies and puppies work for me every time. I like wall calendars that feature as many different adorable little faces as possible.

You might also create your own gallery of smiling faces of your family and friends. Make it a point to take a close up photo of your nearest and dearest smiling. Arrange them in frames or make a collage to hang over your desk.

Those are my suggestions for putting a smile on your face. Now it’s your turn. What makes you smile? Email your answer and I will run your smile suggestions next month.

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By Dianne Morr, professional speaker and author of Ice the Burnout! 20 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Better. As a ghost writer, writing coach, editor and book shepherd, Dianne helps people write and publish books every day. Dianne@morrcreative.com.

Music Lovers, This Is for You

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You will see a familiar name in the article. My son, Dann, is the heart of this delightful alternative pop band.

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I recently began sending weekly writing tips to a few friends as we are all staying motivated to complete projects that are important to us. They say they have enjoy receiving them and I enjoy sending them. So I invite you to receive writing tips, too. If you are interested, just respond to this email and say, “Yes.”

Here is this week’s tip:

Let me share one of my favorite quotations from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe:

“Just trust yourself. Then you will know how to live.”

That thought applies to all aspects of your life – even writing your book. Trust yourself that you have everything you need to finish your book. You have all the knowledge you need, all the talent, all the skill, all the energy, and all the support.

Is your writing going along like clockwork? Great! If not, I have two techniques that I use to get myself moving again when I get bogged down. Here is the first one:

Make a list.

Sometimes a list helps me clarify my progress and my path. Try it. Make a list of all the work you have completed: Title? Table of Contents? Chapters?

Then make a list of what you still need to do: What chapters do you still want to write? What ideas do you want to include? What incidents? What cover copy?

Now you can regroup and plan the steps you will take to complete your book.

My second technique is coming next week. So if list making doesn’t work for you, hang in there. More help is coming.

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