What Do Your Priorities Look Like Today?

Posted by dianne on Nov 30, 2010 in Blog | Tags:, , | No comment

One of the interesting things about goals and priorities is that we are in complete control. We get to decide on our highest priority each day.

Let me share something I figured out for setting my own priorities. Good health is one of my highest goals. Without good health, it’s hard to enjoy any other aspect of life, right? So you would think I would have no trouble following a recommendation given by my trusted doctor. But when she told me I really should give up desserts in order to lower my cholesterol, I have to admit my reaction was anything but mature. “Sure, I will give up desserts,” I kidded myself, “just as soon as I have eaten ALL the desserts I can get my hands on.” I just couldn’t get on board with the idea of giving up desserts FOREVER.

After eating my way through lots and lots of brownies and chocolate chip cookies, I finally figured out that I might be able to give up desserts just for today. There might possibly be a key lime or pumpkin pie in my future.

Is this brand new great wisdom that no one ever discovered before? No, I believe I have heard this sort of thing more than a few times over the years. But the news is that I figured out that it applies to me.

I remember a quotation on a bulletin board in a college classroom that read: “We only really know those truths that we ourselves discover.” I think it was attributed to Emerson, but I can’t verify that.

What truths have you discovered for yourself lately?

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