What a Journal Can Do for You

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Some people write in a journal in the evening, unwinding and reflecting on their day. Some also make a list of things for which they are grateful. These are great ideas and I may follow their lead someday. For now I prefer to start my day with my journal using it to make my day a great one. You might like to try this, too. Here is how a journal can set a positive mood for the day.
Get worries out of your head. Do you ever wake up anticipating troubles that might crop up? Don’t start off on a day of worry and wheel-spinning. To cut anxiety short, open your journal and start pouring out all that worry onto the page. Your worries are short-circuited. The act of writing down a worry lets your brain know you are not going to forget about it. You have said, “Got it! There is no need to keep reminding me.” What’s more, you can use your journal to brainstorm possible solutions to any real troubles.

Focus your thinking. You can plan your day on paper. It doesn’t matter if you use your journal to write a To Do list, a shopping list, or to just think about how to handle the day’s tasks. Your journal gives you a place to think before you jump into your day with both feet.

Write affirmations. To put yourself into a positive state of mind, write affirmations in your journal. Don’t wait for someone else to say what you need to hear. You know what you need. Write that positive thought five times. As the thought flows from your brain to your hand to the page in front of you, it takes up residence in your being.

Daydream on paper. This may become your favorite way to use your journal. It is almost like a stream-of-consciousness affirmation. Write about what you would love to be doing – your ideal life. Describe in detail where you would be, what you would be doing, who would be with you. Describe your ideal habits. The more you write about these ideas, the better you can see ways to make them real.

Give these ideas a try! I would love to hear from you about how your journal works for you. Email me at Dianne@morrcreative.com.


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