Three Pages of Magic

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If you have looked at my profile, you know that The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is one of my all time favorite books. I discovered Julia about 12 years ago, and that book changed my life. The Artist’s Way shows everyone how to access, or reclaim, their creativity. One of the tools Julia uses is what she calls morning pages. They are three pages of long-hand writing to be done first thing in the morning.

Ms. Cameron says she hesitates to even call this writing because that idea sounds a little intimidating. It’s just the physical act of putting down on paper whatever comes into your head. It really does clear your head and eliminate some of the minutia that distracts you during your day. I’d like to say I have been doing morning pages every day for 12 years now, but I’d be lying. My real life doesn’t work that way, and maybe yours doesn’t either. But I can say that every day that I do write morning pages, I feel better when I have finished. I can also say that the more consistent I am about it, the better I feel. I actually do become more creative, more focused and happier.

So read the book, or just start writing. It’s a real day brightener!

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