The Mediterranean

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Our 25-year anniversary trip to Hawaii was such a hit, Phil and I decided to observe our 35th anniversary with a special trip as well. This extravaganza recognized not only our marital milestone but also that fact that all three of our children had completed college. We had seen the last of college tuition bills! Whoo Hoo! Now that is something to celebrate.

This time we went to France, partly because I had always wanted to see France and partly because our youngest daughter, Jane, was taking “just one more class” before she considered herself ready to face the world. The capstone to her BFA in acting was a six-week study of Street Theatre in Paris. Completely understanding this class’s call to her, Phil and I scheduled our trip so that we could see her performance in Paris and then spend 10 days sight-seeing.

And there was so much to see. Ten days was just enough to whet the appetite, and if I tried to describe everything, this blog post would become a book. So I will just recall my impression of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean is a shade of blue I have never seen anywhere else. It was tranquil during the days we were there. Wading was difficult because the bottom was very rocky and slippery in Nice, although I would be willing to bet my life savings that there are plenty of sandy beaches at other Mediterranean shores. The water was much warmer than the Atlantic but cooler than the Pacific waters we experienced in Hawaii.

The views were magnificent from the beach, the street, the nearby cafés, the winding road to Monaco, and the cliffs high above the sea. My next travel dream is a Mediterranean cruise. I hope I won’t have to wait for our 45th anniversary to get there.

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