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How 2 Spk Gd

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When I was growing up in Chicago we frequented small neighborhood shops called “Delicatessens.” Even a five-year-old could have told you what a delicatessen was. I think the influence came from New York but by the time I hit 25, we were saying “deli.” Shortly after that I registered for a technical writing class at

Ocean Awareness

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I sent out this article in my Morr Creative Thoughts newsletter in June. Since I am following up on these thoughts in my blog now, I thought I should include this, too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a lifelong Midwesterner, my memories of oceans stand out clearly as little vignettes because they are rare and distinct glimpses in

Look in Your Own Back Yard

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Beautiful weather has finally reached the Midwest. It is time to get out an enjoy it all. At the very end of last summer I did something breathtaking. Finally after living in Chicago all my life, I took the Chicago Architecture Foundation river boat tour. My cousin, Jane, was the docent and taught me more