Reach Your Goals or Else… or Else What ?

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How are you doing on those 2010 goals? I will be the first to admit that my results are mixed for the year. I had an “Aha” moment that might help. Of course, we all know we have to break our goals into manageable steps, but I think we also need to think in terms of contingency plans.

It seems as though we start with the premise that there are just two outcomes for our goals. Either we achieve them or we don’t. But I see now that there are other options.

Option 1: Start working toward your goal. Continue to work tirelessly until you reach your goal. Celebrate!

Option 2: Start working toward your goal. Lose your momentum and give up. Don’t celebrate.

Option 3: Start working toward your goal. Lose your momentum and give up on reaching your goal on your own. Enlist the aid of a professional who can help you reach your goal. Celebrate!

Here’s a “for instance” … Getting in shape seems a popular goal. So when I set this goal again (probably within the next 30 days) here’s how I’ll word it: I am going to exercise 30 minutes, six times a week. If I go two weeks without meeting this goal, I will break down and pay a for a few sessions with a personal trainer to learn a more effective way to workout.

So now, if you set a goal to write a book in the upcoming year, remember that I can be your Option 3 go-to gal.

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By Dianne Morr, professional speaker and author of Ice the Burnout! 20 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Better. As a ghost writer, writing coach, editor and book shepherd, Dianne can help you take your writing project from wherever it is to DONE.

Give an Experience

this Year!

Remember the 90s? Remember “The one who dies with the most toys wins?” Remember “Conspicuous Consumption?”

That was then. Now we are all trying to unload all the junk that is closing in on us. So what can we do for the holidays? We want to give gifts, but we don’t want to bog anyone down with more stuff.

My good friend, a doting grandma, told me this year she is giving her granddaughters a dance class instead of more toys. Brilliant!

That got me thinking about other gifts that don’t take up space. They can be as simple and affordable as tickets to a local movie theater or as lavish as a trip to Spain or a safari. (No one has ever offered me a trip, but I wouldn’t say “No.”)

Here are a few gifts that have hit home runs with people I know:

Sports tickets:

As far as my husband is concerned, one can never have too many of these: baseball,

football, hockey — all good. He loves them all and at all levels from high school to the pros.


We never turn down a show: movie, play,

concert, ballet. Even when we have seen an occasional bomb, that just made for a good story later. Check my blog for an example.


Aah! manicure, massage (personal favorite). Or are you a fan of the facial or the pedicure?

A chance to move a bit:

A gym membership, a ballroom dance class, even a dog obedience class.

What clutter-free gifts will you be giving or putting on your wish list this year?

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