Mother’s Day Tribute – Things My Mom Did Right

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On Mother’s Day we all reflect on our mothers. See if what one mom did right reminds you of what your mom did right and what we can all learn from our mothers.

Mom made me feel special.

When I was four years old, my big sister went to afternoon kindergarten, and my little brother took an afternoon nap. That meant I had Mom all to myself and she made that time very special. We had tea parties in the kitchen.

She would call my toy telephone from the kitchen – ring… ring. I would answer in the living room. When she invited me to come for tea, I had a big decision to make. Would I go alone leaving my baby dolls with my “Mother Law” or bundle them into my little buggy and bring them along?

Visiting my Mom as it we were two young moms, I felt I was one of Mom’s best friends not just one of the kids. I became a special friend to a special lady.

Mom was my best cheerleader.

Whenever life got me down, my mom was the one who told me I was doing a great job. Without encouraging vanity, she would praise my appearance, my mothering, my decorating, my hard work, and my accomplishments.

I treasure one of the last things Mom said to me before her death. I knew the end was near when she said I had turned out to be a good woman. It sounded like she was summing up the results of her hard work. She was proud of me.

Mom taught me to love writing.

Mom was a writer and obviously enjoyed every minute of it. She would read her work out loud sharing the love of a well turned phrase, a witty bit of dialogue, or a beautiful description. We especially loved the humorous pieces she wrote. Mom demonstrated the initiative that is essential for a freelance writer and the creativity that adds beauty to life.

Mom taught me to be a good mother.

These are just a few of the things Mom taught me by her example. I think the best thing she taught me was how to mother my own children. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes along the way as all moms do, but I tried to practice the good things I learned from Mom. I hope my kids will be able to look back and say their mom did a few things right.

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