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It’s been a while since I told you anything about what we’ve been doing at Morr Creative. So here is an update.

In the last month there are few notable new ventures. For example, I gave my first professional speech. In fact if you are open-minded enough to entertain the idea that you can speak as a professional even if you are not paid, then I gave TWO professional speeches. The first speech (unpaid) was presented to a Rotary Club about writing for one’s business. The other, for which I was paid, was presented to my friend Deb DiSandro’s writing class. Deb invited me to speak to her aspiring writers about “shepherding” a book through the self-publishing process. That was really fun, not because I was paid but because I enjoy book shepherding so much.

Another first is that I finally sent out a newsletter for Morr Creative. I had wanted to do that for a long time, but I kept putting it off because I was waiting until I could to it perfectly. And we all know where that perfection path leads. So I finally just wrote an imperfect column and sent it out. It was a great weight off my shoulders. Now I can go ahead and write another one. Imperfection is very freeing!

Phil has been regularly serving as that important “second pair of eyes” that every writer needs. He checks all the client work (as opposed to personal stuff like this blog) that goes out from Morr Creative. It’s great to know he’s got my back. He is the best grammar and spelling cop ever. And Jane has pitched in to transcribe manuscripts. I am extremely impressed that she can type 90 words a minute! It seems that the time we spent in school working on penmanship has been replaced with keyboarding skills.

So that’s what new with me…. What’s new with you?

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