Marcie Stern Helps Women Find Their Power and Voice

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Marcie Stern and I became friends through the National Speakers Association, while attending Speaker University together and later serving on the program committee. I immediately noticed her generosity as she gave freely of her time, knowledge and support. It is only fitting that she would continue to give by getting involved with Inspiring Women, a One-Day Conference for Corporate and Entrepreneurial Women.

Marcie grew up as the “good girl”—the one in her family of four siblings who could be always counted on to do the “right thing.” She earned respectable undergraduate and graduate degrees in healthcare administration and entered the hospital administration profession. During her advancement as a leader in the healthcare field, Marcie also married and began raising two sons.  To the outside world it looked like Marcie had it all—a successful family and career life.

But on the inside, Marcie felt like she was just going through the motions, doing what was expected of her and missing out on something important. Her priorities changed as she decided to put more focus on raising her young boys and doing work that leveraged her passions, skills and values while also meeting a societal need. Through a great deal of introspection, and after completing a formal coaching training program, Marcie decided to leave her healthcare administration job, and future advancement as a healthcare leader, to launch her own business as a professional coach and public speaker.

It is no wonder that through her own personal journey (and all the bumps in the road that are not mentioned in this story), Marcie became passionate about helping other professional women become empowered, find their voice, leverage their strengths, overcome obstacles (especially their own inner critic), and take the actions necessary to achieve more than they thought possible.

Marcie has always been drawn to opportunities that involve collaborating with like-minded women and was honored to be invited to speak at this year’s Inspiring Women Conference. It may sound cliché, but Marcie is evidence of the notion that dreams can come true. Back when she worked in hospital administration and started to envision her new business, she saw herself collaborating with women, for women, and now this dream has become a reality. Marcie looks forward to sharing the day with women who are ready to move beyond inspiration and into action.

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