Look in Your Own Back Yard

Posted by dianne on May 31, 2009 in Blog | Tags:, , , , | No comment

Beautiful weather has finally reached the Midwest. It is time to get out an enjoy it all. At the very end of last summer I did something breathtaking. Finally after living in Chicago all my life, I took the Chicago Architecture Foundation river boat tour. My cousin, Jane, was the docent and taught me more about Chicago architecture than I had previously acquired in my whole life.

The 1909 plan for the City of Chicago created by Daniel Burnham called the city “Paris on the Prairie. “Having seen Paris for the first time the summer before, (I am getting adventurous in my empty-nest life) I dare to say Chicago might be prettier. Believe it or not Paris has lots more graffiti. But back to the Architecture Foundation tour. It is a “must see” for anyone who lives or visits here! Enjoy!

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