Just in Time for Santa

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Here is a great list of toys that every child needs. Don’t panic. These gifts won’t break the bank. Geek Dad Jonathan Liu posted The 5 Best Toys of All Time on Wired.com The list is his and can be read at his link. The comments on the list below are mine. Enjoy.

1. Stick

My personal recommendation for the stick is that it makes a great baton. We didn’t participate in baton twirling class as kids because of my mom’s theory that all the baton groups sooner or later were going to be in the St. Patrick’s Day parade (a really big deal in Chicago) and she was sure we would just freeze marching in those short costumes. But I did practice twirling on my own in case a marching band should happen by in need of a majorette.

2. Box

When my kids were toddlers, we were lucky enough to have our washing machine die. The upside of that of course was that the kids ended up with the greatest playhouse for the back yard.

3. String

Geek Dad had his own reasons for loving string, but he neglected to mention my favorite. String (or more specifically yarn) made great dolls. If you need instructions: look here.

4. Cardboard tube

In our house we called these tubes “derr-derrs”  because we used them as a horn, parading around the house with our own theme song – derr derr da derr derr derr. Well you get the idea.

5. Dirt

Two great dirt memories come to mind.

  • One Father’s Day our whole family celebrated by taking in a baseball game at the local minor league park. The park was small and safe enough that we could let the kids run around a bit. They found a  dusty pit of fine dirt that proved waaaay more entertaining that the baseball game. It kept them busy all afternoon.
  • My daughter still counts a special Fourth of July as her best ever. She and four junior high school buddies found a huge mud puddle under a neighbor’s swing set. They all ran home to change to swim suits. We parents all assumed they were heading to neighborhood pool. They later ran from house to house to show off their new look. The mud coating was so thick, opaque, and uniform you would have thought at first glance they were wearing scuba gear. Ahh dirt!

I wonder how kids might react if they found one of these all time great toys under the Christmas tree. What do you think?

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