It Really Does Take a Village

Posted by dianne on Jun 26, 2008 in Blog | Tags:, | No comment

Mother told me that you can’t improve circumstances for your children without improving the circumstances of the other children in the community. She took that to heart creating our parish school’s first library, arranging for a Vietnamese exchange student to teach French lessons to the girls in the neighborhood, and volunteering to direct plays after school.

My husband and I followed her example when our children were young, doing our part with Girl Scouts, Little League, religious education, and happily hosting our son’s garage band for years. Every chance I got, I encouraged all the young people to do what they loved and follow their dreams.

A reward came last Saturday when my son reported that he had connected with Steve the drummer, an old high school friend he hadn’t seen in years. Steve has become a successful businessman. He told my son that after completing his bachelor’s degree, he started a business based on an idea that had come to him at our home back in their old band days.

I couldn’t wait to hear how the warm creative atmosphere of our home had so inspired this young man.

It seems that one day when they were sitting on the deck taking a break from music, Steve thought, “Boy, this deck could do with a power wash and seal.” His next thought was, “I’ll bet I could make money doing that!”

And now he does. Yes, it’s true. It does take a village. Glad to help.

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