In Honor of Mother’s Day

Posted by dianne on May 11, 2013 in Blog | Tags:, | No comment

In honor of mother’s day, I am about to reveal my first (I hope not my only) original wisdom on mothering.

When our first baby was brand new, I would start to panic when I heard her cry. I would leap into action to try to fix whatever was wrong. Was she hungry, wet, in some unknown distress? It always felt like the crying went on forever.

As a reality check, I started to look at a clock when I heard her start to cry, then I did whatever I could to comfort her. When she stopped crying, I would check the clock again. How long did she really cry? Never more than FOUR MINUTES!

That advice has accompanied a gift at many a baby shower. The later remarks from moms who try it have affirmed their success with that reality check.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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