How to Launch a New Interest

Posted by dianne on Feb 25, 2011 in Blog | Tags:, , , , | No comment

On Wednesday, I noticed two pretty little birds flying around the planters on our deck. They were smaller than robins, primarily black with white underparts. I have never been a bird watcher but these birds piqued my interest. Attempts to identify them on the internet fell flat so I am off to the library to see what I can find out.

This plan reminded me to share my favorite way to nurture a new personal or business interest or hobby–magazines. Books a great for intense research but magazines give us small bits of digestible information. Once I have explored some magazines on my new interest at the library, I decide on one that I would like to receive regularly to sustain and develop my knowledge and identity. Receiving a monthly reminder as a subscriber is a great way to accept the the concept that, “I am a birdwatcher” — a photographer, or a vegetarian. What new interest would you like to learn about?

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