How 2 Spk Gd

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When I was growing up in Chicago we frequented small neighborhood shops called “Delicatessens.” Even a five-year-old could have told you what a delicatessen was. I think the influence came from New York but by the time I hit 25, we were saying “deli.”

Shortly after that I registered for a technical writing class at Illinois Institute of technology and the registrar asked me to enter my “social.” What?! My blank look must have told her that this non-technical person had no clue what my “social” was. Social Security Number. Would that have been so hard? But I figured it was a technical school after all, these people deal in nanoseconds. Last week I opened a new bank account and the vice president (everybody is a vice president at a bank) asked me to enter my soshe. Really? My “social” l is now my “soshe.” I’m sure that’s as far as we can go with that word. To call it a “sss” would just be hissing.

And while we’re on the subject, it was bad enough when “applications” became “apps.” For 16 years, I worked as a technical writer in telecommunications where there is an acronym for everything. No engineer ever called an “application” an “app.” Now “appetizers” are “apps,” too. I’m sure there is an app for ordering apps to be delivered to my door like a pizza.

If this keeps up we will someday find ourselves communicating in clicks, grunts and pops.

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