Greetings from the Old Unimproved Me

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        OK, friends, it’s a bright New Year. Have you made any resolutions? Are you still keeping them? I have decided my one resolution this year is to have more fun. Is it  self- acceptance or surrender that I am no longer planning to get up every morning hell bent on improving myself? The truth is I am just a little tired of trying to become a better person.  I know all kinds of ways to improve myself. I could eat better, exercise more, keep better track of current events, maybe even form some intelligent opinions.
        I could put on makeup even when I am not leaving the house. (Oh wait. You can’t see me. I am wearing artfully applied, natural-looking makeup. Trust me, I look terrific.) I could learn a new language and I would love to. I could work harder at my business, update my website more often, market more creatively and network more effectively. But right now I am dedicating myself to having more fun. Who is with me? Do you have any suggestions?

Simplify Simplify

       What do you think of the idea of combining my Morr Creative and Happiness Matters newsletters into one missive? I hope to give everyone a little more content that way and include more readers in the discussions. Now all we need is a new name for this all-inclusive newsletter. What would you call it?

Do You Need a Speaker? 

       Do you need a speaker? I have added a new speech to my repertoire: “Why Happiness Matters at Work and What You Can Do about It.” If you know of a group that would enjoy hearing it, please let me know. I love to share the message of happiness wherever I can. Call me at 630-740-4701. Or visit me at to learn more about my presentations.

A Fun Read

       Colleague, friend, and client Susan Devan recently  published her book, The Granny Chronicles. Both paperback and kindle editions are available now on Amazon.  Susan’s clever style delivers smiles and laughs. I hope there is a sequel, I would love to hear more adventures of Granny Frick, her family, and the other residents of Rock Bottom.

What Can I Do for You? 

As always, if you have writing project you would like help with, call me at 630-740-4701 or

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