Exercise Your Writing Muscles

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Writing is a skill as well as a gift. Some people are born with a flare and a love for writing. Some even feel compelled to write. And the good news is that your writing skill can be increased and enhanced by study and practice. Here are a couple of techniques designed to strengthen your writing muscles so that the quality of your book will improve as you go along.

Exercise 1 Choose an appealing picture in a magazine or a photo in an album. Look at it for one minute and then put it away. Then write a description of that picture. Try to spend about 10 minutes at it. Make it as vivid as you can, let yourself loose with all the extravagant adjectives you like. Try to make the picture come to life so that your reader will be able to experience the picture with all the senses. Your goal is to make someone who has never seen the picture feel that they are in that picture.

Exercise 2 Here is an exercise you can try on something you are writing now for your book. Choose a page you have written recently and look for a place where you can try one of the following:

Alliteration: Is there a sentence that might read more lyrically if you changed a few words to repeat a consonant sound?

Parallel construction: Can you rewrite a couple of sentences so that the follow the same structure adding rhythm to the piece?

The magic of three: Is there a place where you can use three adjectives to describe a noun?  Can you write a sentence that has three sequential verbs describing the action?

Exercise 3  Writing prompts always provide a creative challenge to jump start your writing skills. Just enter “writing prompt” on any internet search engine and pick one.

Please let me know how you like these exercises and what works best for you! Enjoy!!

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