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Occasionally someone asks me about my creative process. Being a gifted communicator, I usually just mumble and change the subject. At long last I am about to reveal the first two steps of this process in hopes that you may be able to use these steps in your endeavors.

As soon as I commit to a project, either my own work or a client’s project, the first two steps never vary.

Step 1: Jump in somewhere along the panic spectrum.

My brain starts working overtime with my committee telling me:

  • You can’t do this one. You may have been able to do earlier projects but this one is just too big, too hard, too specialized.
  • Your readers are so much smarter than you are; they will scoff at your feeble writing.
  • Your client is so much smarter than you; he/she will scoff at your feeble rewrites and editing.
  • You are going down in disgrace.
  • You will never write another thing.
  • You will never get another client.
  • You will end up a bag lady.

Step 2: Talk myself in off the ledge.

I have to take control of my self-talk to shut up that inner critic with advice like this:

  • OK, you have been doing this work for decades, you must have some ability.
  • Calm down. You know panic is just part of the process.
  • You don’t have to be any smarter than your readers; you have a few experiences and ideas that might be helpful to them.
  • You don’t have to be any smarter than your client; you have a few skills that might be helpful to him/her.
  • Come on, give it a rest. You know what to do. Journal about this feeling then jump in.
  • You can do this project one paragraph at a time.

It seems that I have to become my own cheerleader and give myself permission to abandon perfection. It’s only by embracing imperfection that I can get over that block and move to creativity. OK readers, I am counting on you to tell me I am not alone in this struggle. Do you ever wrestle with those inner critics that try their best to discourage you? How do you shut them up?  


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