You Really Ought to Meet Deanne DeMarco

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On February 1, you will have a chance to meet a remarkable lady at the Chicago Women’s Conference. Deanne DeMarco is the special woman who created the Chicago Women’s Conference. Other women have faced some of the situations Deanne has but I don’t know any who have handled all these roles. Deanne has been: •

No Need to Panic — Christmas Can Happen Without Me

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Even though the Christmas decorations were in the stores waaay too early, as usual, this year; I no longer start to panic the way I did in years past. Beginning in her 50’s my mother began saying that she and all her contemporaries had become “Generals with no armies.” She said it a lot, and

Same Lesson Different Day

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Have you ever noticed how life teaches us the same lessons over and over again? I know that stress saps my energy and motivation, but when that happens I don’t recognize that stress is at play. I start berating myself for being such a lazy slacker. This could go on for days until I realize—“Oh

Kim Ervin’s Story Inspires Other Women

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Deanne DeMarco recently interviewed Kim Ervin about Kim’s intention for her presentation at Inspiring Women, a One-Day Conference for Corporate and Entrepreneurial Women. I have invited Deanne DeMarco to write a guest blog today to give us glimpse of what we will be  learning at this exceptional conference. Click on Deanne’s blog for an introduction

Marcie Stern Helps Women Find Their Power and Voice

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Marcie Stern and I became friends through the National Speakers Association, while attending Speaker University together and later serving on the program committee. I immediately noticed her generosity as she gave freely of her time, knowledge and support. It is only fitting that she would continue to give by getting involved with Inspiring Women, a