Another Ocean

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Many years after first dipping my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, I had two memorable vacations that involved great milestones and exotic seas.

In 1997, Phil and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. While the refreshing cold of the Atlantic Ocean had reminded me of my swimming experiences in Lake Michigan, the Pacific Ocean, specifically the beaches of Hawaii were like nothing I had ever experienced before. The water was clear and warm, the sands glistened white and fine, and the breezes carried sweet scents not remotely reminiscent of the alewives that covered Chicago beaches in the 70s. The new experiences didn’t end with the ocean.

I loved everything about Hawaii. It was the perfect blend of the exotic and the familiar. Everyone spoke English, but there were melodious Hawaiian words interwoven throughout. There were fascinating history, stories, legends, and music to enjoy. And the dancing!! Fabulous! (In my heart I am a dancer, although other parts of my body don’t understand that.) Hawaii to me is as exotic as you can get without showing a passport or exchanging money.

After another 10 years of wedded bliss, Phil and I decided to celebrate with a trip to France. The trip was in recognition not only of our anniversary but also the fact that all three of our children had completed college. We had seen the last of college tuition bills!

More about that trip in my next post.

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