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You Need a Friend Part II

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Last week we talked about finding a writing buddy or a writers group. If you join an existing group you pretty much need to follow their established protocol, but if you are starting from scratch you can make your own rules. Here are some suggestions: • If you can meet in person, that’s a great

Try New Things

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I am so excited! My new book, Choose Happy: 25 Happiness Habits to Transform Your Life, is ready to hand off to the printer. Here is an excerpt:  Try New Things       “Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.”  ~ William Cowper Have you ever noticed that intangible things, important things like

You Need a Friend

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Is it hard for you to keep going on your writing? Do you get discouraged and doubt yourself? A writing buddy or writers group could be a big help to you. Writing is a solitary activity and we sometimes feel lonely wrestling with our thoughts and trying to get them on paper (or into a