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How to Launch a New Interest

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On Wednesday, I noticed two pretty little birds flying around the planters on our deck. They were smaller than robins, primarily black with white underparts. I have never been a bird watcher but these birds piqued my interest. Attempts to identify them on the internet fell flat so I am off to the library to

Did you know there was a god of words?

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One of my favorite websites is Today that site taught me another interesting fact: In Greek mythology Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia, was not just the patron god of thieves, merchants, and boundaries. He was also a god of science, art, speech, eloquence, and writing.

Quitters Take Heart

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If you are like me, you probably start each new year full of enthusiasm for how you are going to make this your best year ever. But now it’s mid-February, typically the gloomiest time of the year in Chicago and a lot of other places, too. Is your enthusiasm fading? Do you feel like coasting

Inspiring Women – A One Day Women’s Conference

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This is a reminder to my friends in the Chicago area of  a professional development conference that will inspire you, empower you, and help you effectively deal with change, different personalities and stress in the workplace, sign up for Inspiring Women – a one day Women’s Conference today! I am honored to be included in

It’s Not Too Late

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Aging with Grace, by David Snowdon Ph.D. includes this among many inspiring stories. Sister Nicolette, at age 93, had outlived all of her classmates. Snowdon asked her why she was “the last nun standing.” Her reply was that she had an exercise program, walking several miles every day. He then inquired when she had begun