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Creative Process

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Occasionally someone asks me about my creative process. Being a gifted communicator, I usually just mumble and change the subject. At long last I am about to reveal the first two steps of this process in hopes that you may be able to use these steps in your endeavors. As soon as I commit to

Just in Time for Santa

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Here is a great list of toys that every child needs. Don’t panic. These gifts won’t break the bank. Geek Dad Jonathan Liu posted The 5 Best Toys of All Time on The list is his and can be read at his link. The comments on the list below are mine. Enjoy. 1. Stick

Are You Working Too Much?

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Do you operate on the principle that you have to finish all your work before you allow yourself to play? Apparently this is a gift handed down in the United States from our Puritan founders. The problem with this thinking is that there is no such thing as “finished” where work is concerned. With voice

Exercise Your Writing Muscles

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Writing is a skill as well as a gift. Some people are born with a flare and a love for writing. Some even feel compelled to write. And the good news is that your writing skill can be increased and enhanced by study and practice. Here are a couple of techniques designed to strengthen your

Be Careful What You Advertise

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Like 98% of human beings, I think I have a good sense of humor. Nevertheless, I have always questioned the humor and wisdom of parents who buy their children shirts emblazoned with sayings such as “Here comes trouble.” Doesn’t it just seem like they are asking for it? I was reminded of this sort of