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Reach Your Goals or Else… or Else What ?

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How are you doing on those 2010 goals? I will be the first to admit that my results are mixed for the year. I had an “Aha” moment that might help. Of course, we all know we have to break our goals into manageable steps, but I think we also need to think in terms

No Need to Panic… Christmas Can Happen Without Me

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Even though the Christmas decorations were in the stores waaay too early this year, as usual; I no longer start to panic the way I did in years past. Beginning in her 50’s my mother began saying that she and all her contemporaries had become “Generals with no armies.” She said it a lot, and

Dancing with the … WHAT?!

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After several years of “The Nutcracker” which had enthralled my now 10-year-old daughter, Jane, I decided she was ready to see a “grownup” ballet. Tickets to a performance by the Joffrey ballet were a big hit with both Jane and my mother. The third Saturday night in January, we arrived at The Auditorium Theatre with