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Would you like to write a book in the next six months?

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Your dream begins right now! HOW TO WRITE A BOOK THE SLIGHTLY OFF WAY Starts September 23th And lasts Six Months!!!It’s true. In Six Months you CAN have a book written. Deb DiSandro, of Slightly Off, and Dianne Morr, of Morr Creative Writing Services, along with an advisory team of experts including EditorsLiterary Agent Book

Back Again

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Sometimes life is moving so fast, I just fall off the blog wagon. Then I feel like I need to explain what I’ve been doing. Well, one thing I have done is publish my workbook, Ice the Burnout, Twenty Simple Ways to Make Your Life Better. I am really pleased with the way it looks.

What Works for You!

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I am so glad you are reading Ice the Burnout and managing the stress in your life. Please comment and let us all know which stress busters work best for you. Do you have a technique to share?