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Thought for a Sunday

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Always remember that “rest” is an active verb. – Dianne Morr

The Mediterranean

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Our 25-year anniversary trip to Hawaii was such a hit, Phil and I decided to observe our 35th anniversary with a special trip as well. This extravaganza recognized not only our marital milestone but also that fact that all three of our children had completed college. We had seen the last of college tuition bills!

Another Ocean

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Many years after first dipping my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, I had two memorable vacations that involved great milestones and exotic seas. In 1997, Phil and I celebrated our 25th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. While the refreshing cold of the Atlantic Ocean had reminded me of my swimming experiences in Lake Michigan,

Ocean Awareness

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I sent out this article in my Morr Creative Thoughts newsletter in June. Since I am following up on these thoughts in my blog now, I thought I should include this, too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a lifelong Midwesterner, my memories of oceans stand out clearly as little vignettes because they are rare and distinct glimpses in