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How Much Is Enough?

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I’ve been thinking about this as we have been weeding out some of the “stuff” we have accumulated. See my post on the 50-something Moms Blog.

More on Morr Creative

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It’s been a while since I told you anything about what we’ve been doing at Morr Creative. So here is an update. In the last month there are few notable new ventures. For example, I gave my first professional speech. In fact if you are open-minded enough to entertain the idea that you can speak

Two Great Blogs

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Today I would like to recommend two great blogs I like to read. The first blog is In it Leah Ingram share tons of insight and tips for living on less without really sacrificing much. Her suggestions are practical, creative, and very environmentally responsible. The second blog is In this blog Therese J.

Furloughs May Be Just What We All Need

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Anita Bruzzese wrote an excellent blog on Monday March 9. She commented on the rather new phenomenon of employees being asked to take unpaid days off in order to ease the financial strain on their employers. I’m sure there will be families for whom the lost wages will cause a strain. But there are

Is it spring yet?

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We are out in Denver this week visiting our daughter. The sun has been shining and we have been walking around without coats! Ahhhh! Winter has been too long, too cold and too dark in Chicago. When I younger I used to hate February. By that time I was fed up with winter and thought