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It Really Does Take a Village

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Mother told me that you can’t improve circumstances for your children without improving the circumstances of the other children in the community. She took that to heart creating our parish school’s first library, arranging for a Vietnamese exchange student to teach French lessons to the girls in the neighborhood, and volunteering to direct plays after

Just the Day Job!!

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I suppose I should clarify — When I say I retired, I am referring strictly to my day job. I have not retired from Morr Creative. In fact I am having more fun than ever working on my Morr Creative projects. Check out my new Friendship Project on! copyright © Dianne Morr

This Is New

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I woke up this morning feeling 18 again! I had that adventurous feeling of a college freshman going out into the world to see what I would find, to climb mountains, seek my destiny, and reach for the stars. I just retired from my job. What will I do now? The list is so long